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Sierra’s Smokey Eye

My DP, Neil, and I have been shooting videos for Jafra Cosmetics Italia for the past 5 years. However we took on a different type of challenge when we decide to create them for ourselves…with our own budget…and our own equipment…in our home studio. Sigh!

We initially wanted to sell them as a training videos for MUA’s but the Internet is flooded with tutorials these days. So, I decided to give them away for free. Starting with a handful of posts, I’m opening up the vault! These were actually some of my first attempts at creating tutorials in English.

This video was shot with one of my favorite New Faces, Sierra Monet. She reminds me of a young, black Sophie Dhal. We have several videos with Sierra like this Glitter Makeup Look we shot for Vogue Italia.

I hope you enjoy these free tutorials. Remember to check back often as I will post new videos whenever I get a moment.

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