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This course is your guide through the Melanogenesis process and the Ingredients that address unwanted pigmentation.

Review each lesson as you follow along with the workbook. Then, take the quiz. You must achieve a score of 75% to receive a certificate of completion.


  • ETHNICITY – How slight differences in skin physiology influence the course of treatment.
  • MELANOGENESIS – What occurs at each stage of this process.
  • INGREDIENTS – Which ingredients interrupt the melanogenesis process and how.
  • SKIN ANALYSIS – How to select the appropriate ingredients to treat each pigmentary condition.

+  a downloadable WORKBOOK that helps you tie it all together.

  • Workbook

    Download the workbook to read along with the videos.

  • Lessons

    Review these videos at your own pace until you master each lesson.

    • Introduction
      02 min
  • Quiz

    You may take the quiz as often as you'd like but you must obtain a passing score of 75% to receive a certificate.


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