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Ingredient Review: Teadora

Teadora is one of my favorite new brands. I met Val, the brand’s founder and CEO, a few months ago. When she told me about how their formulas packed with Amazonian superfruits, I had to give…

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Sierra’s Smokey Eye

My DP, Neil, and I have been shooting videos for Jafra Cosmetics Italia for the past 5 years. However we took on a different type of challenge when we decide to create them for ourselves…wit…

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Teadora Too

Teadora is so nice I had to review it twice. In my first review of Teadora I shared the ingredients in one of my new favorite products, their Brazilian Glow Radiance & Renewal Oil. Howev…

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Collagen 101

There are currently 27 known types of collagen in the body. However estheticians only need to concern themselves with Collagens I, III, IV and VII – that make up the papillary and reticular …

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Covering A Scar

A Keloid is an abnormal scar that extends beyond the original area of injury. In people with a genetic predisposition, these overgrown scars can form after surgery, piercing, tattooing, bug …

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Skin Care 101

This video was originally shot for the Italian market. It was specifically shot for the consultants at Jafra Cosmetics Italia. I decided to re-record the voice over in English and release it…

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