Skin Care 101

This video was originally shot for the Italian market. It was specifically shot for the consultants at Jafra Cosmetics Italia. I decided to re-record the voice over in English and release it for my U.S. followers. In it, Sierra demonstrates a basic skin care regimen. Enjoy!




Collagens are the coiled chains of amino acid that make up the dermis.

There are currently 27 known types of collagen in the body. However estheticians only need to concern themselves with Collagens I, III, IV and VII – that make up the papillary and reticular dermis the Extracellular Matrix (ECM). Collagens responsible for keeping skin flexible and firm. One educator I studied under suggested we should think of them as coiled springs on a mattress.

Types of Collagens:

Collagen I – found in the Papillary Dermis

Collagen III – found in the Papillary Dermis

Collagen IV – in the Epidermal-Dermal Junction

Collagen VII – in the Epidermal-Dermal Junction

Elastin – fibers found in abundance in the Reticular Dermis; gives skin its tensile strength and definition.

There are several factors involved in collagen synthesis. Take a look at this video for a quick lesson. NOTE: This video is intended for professional skin therapists so it might be boring to you laymen and women.



Teadora Too



Teadora is so nice I had to review it twice.

In my first review of Teadora I shared the ingredients in one of my new favorite products, their Brazilian Glow Radiance & Renewal Oil. However Val, the brand’s founder actually sent me 4 full size products. They all feel so yummy and perform with amazing efficacy not often found in natural brands. So, rather than creating a 20 minute video signaling out each product, I chose to review the Hero ingredients that run through the line.

(Note: Hero ingredients make up a brand’s story and are reflected in each formula.)

So here we go…

Açaí Seeds – gentle exfoliation, high ORAC Value

Maracuja Oil – vitamin C to support collagen production

Cupuacu – rich butter with B1, B2, B3, vitamins A & C, calcium, selenium

Murur Butter – pro vitamin A to regulate cellular turnover

Agan Stem Cells – protect surface cells and stimulate cell renewal at a deeper level

All of these oils and butters protect the skin’s NMF (natural moisturizing factor). This is the barrier that seals in hydration so that skin cells can communicate effectively.

I also love Teadora because the entire line is 100% vegan and is free of parabens, silicone, gluten, phthalates, sulfates and sulfites. So if you’re ingredient conscious these products are definitely worth trying…just know they’re addictive.

In this video I highlight the following products:

  • Nourishing Body Butter – with their signature Rainforest restoration elixir and a combination of 5 oils and 2 butters

Ingredient Review: Teadora


Teadora is one of my favorite new brands. I met Val, the brand’s founder and CEO, a few months ago. When she told me about how their formulas packed with Amazonian superfruits, I had to give them a try. Each product is a sensory experience. They are perfect for creating an at-home spa.

In this first video I introduce you to Teadora’s BRAZILIAN GLOW RADIANCE AND RENEWAL OIL. It has quickly become my favorite body oil. I shared it with my clients in the spa and on set – and both groups are hooked.