Farmhouse Fresh





Having been in the beauty industry for 38 years, I always tend to rely on my favorites. I usually learn about new products through the network of entrepreneurs I meet or Instagram. I am also fortunate enough to know some of LA’s most knowledgeable publicists, representing so many innovative brands. So, when I asked Carolyn Kamii to introduce me to a new product, I knew she would point me in the right direction. Farmhouse Fresh’s Sand Your Ground Clarifying Mud Mask is the perfect addition to any beauty regimen.  I’m so happy to have discovered this line for all my friends who like to groom the way they eat. Farmhouse Fresh products are vegan and free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and gluten.

Babor Cosmetics


Babor Cosmetics is a luxury spa brand – but not just any luxury  brand – it’s one of my favorites. I was introduced to Babor early in my esthetics career. The brand education far surpasses any other I have experienced. Babor products are both innovative, therapeutic and, yes, they smell good too.


Meet Our Expert: Oscar Vasquez






I recently reconnected with Oscar after having worked together over seven years ago. I recall that, when we first met, I was struck by what a talented stylist he is. So what did I do? I stalked him on social media, keeping up on all of his progress and successes.

I’m so honored to have him as one of our experts. Oscar will be offering insights on the fundamentals of hairstyling.


Rev. Sheila on Beauty


Ask Aliesh encompasses every aspect of beauty. Not only do we offer industry professionals useful tools to improve their techniques, we help you refine your beliefs about beauty as well. That’s why I’m proud to announce that my mom, Rev. Sheila Pierce, has prepared a course to help us access the essence of beauty. Join The Ask Aliesh Community today to gain access to all of the informative lessons on Ask Aliesh.

Dharma Shakti on Beauty


Yoga is one of the many joys in my life. Over the past 30 years of practicing off and on, the yogic path has informed my beliefs about beauty. Everything I learn on my mat can be applied to every day life. That’s why I am over joyed that my dear friend and mentor Dharma Shakti has created a lesson on how the yogic path leads to a deeper understanding of our innate beauty. I am so honored to have her in my life and share her wisdom with you. Join The Ask Aliesh Community to check out all of the inspiring lessons we have to offer. Namaste