Sierra’s Smokey Eye


My husband, Neil, and I have been shooting videos for Jafra Cosmetics Italia for the past 5 years. However we took on a different type of challenge when we decide to create them for ourselves…with our own budget…and our own equipment…in our home studio. Sigh!

Well now that I have launched The Ask Aliesh Community I am finally learning  just what my members want to see. So, I have decided to give all of my earlier videos away for free. That’s right, in honor of my 50th birthday I have decided to open up the vault. Starting with a handful of posts, I am gifting you guys some of my first attempts at creating tutorials in English.

This video was shot with one of my favorite New Faces, Sierra Monet. She reminds me of a young, black Sophie Dhal. We have several videos with Sierra so you will see a lot of her in the How To section of my Members Only Community.

I hope you enjoy these free tutorials. Remember to check back often as I will post new videos whenever I get a moment.

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