Skin Care 101

This video was originally shot for the Italian market. It was specifically shot for the consultants at Jafra Cosmetics Italia. I decided to re-record the voice over in English and release it for my U.S. followers. In it, Sierra demonstrates a basic skin care regimen. Enjoy!




A Keloid is an abnormal scar that extends beyond the original area of injury. In people with a genetic predisposition, these overgrown scars can form after surgery, piercing, tattooing, bug bites, and even acne. They are an overproduction of collagen, causing excessive healing.

The fibroblast cells (collagen making cells) of African descendants are bi-nucleated, meaning they produce more collagen. This makes them more susceptible to hypertrophic or Keloid scars.

Clients with richly pigmented skin are more likely to experience Keloids and hyper-pigmentation. I promise to create a downloadable PDF of these conditions and their origins for all you fellow skin geeks.

Skin conditions take on a different appearance within each ethnic group. Every makeup artist should know how to conceal common skin issues. When attempting to cover scar, start by placing a color corrector shade, concealer and foundation on a clean palette.

Stipple the color corrector over the scar with a bi-fiber or a synthetic concealer brush. In this video I’m using a bright orange to cancel out the deep blue tones in our model’s scar. If the scar were red I would have opted for a green color corrector.

Apply a layer of foundation. If the color corrector is a creamy formula, rather than dry and opaque, you’ll have to create several layers to achieve the desired coverage. Powdering between layers will help set everything but will eventually make the area look pasty, so I prefer the technique I demonstrate in this video.

*Keloids are most common in people of African and Chinese ancestry

**People from Malaysia, India, Latin America, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East are often affected

***Keloids that are simply excised usually return.

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Collagens are the coiled chains of amino acid that make up the dermis.

There are currently 27 known types of collagen in the body. However estheticians only need to concern themselves with Collagens I, III, IV and VII – that make up the papillary and reticular dermis the Extracellular Matrix (ECM). Collagens responsible for keeping skin flexible and firm. One educator I studied under suggested we should think of them as coiled springs on a mattress.

Types of Collagens:

Collagen I – found in the Papillary Dermis

Collagen III – found in the Papillary Dermis

Collagen IV – in the Epidermal-Dermal Junction

Collagen VII – in the Epidermal-Dermal Junction

Elastin – fibers found in abundance in the Reticular Dermis; gives skin its tensile strength and definition.

There are several factors involved in collagen synthesis. Take a look at this video for a quick lesson. NOTE: This video is intended for professional skin therapists so it might be boring to you laymen and women.



Teadora Too



Teadora is so nice I had to review it twice.

In my first review of Teadora I shared the ingredients in one of my new favorite products, their Brazilian Glow Radiance & Renewal Oil. However Val, the brand’s founder actually sent me 4 full size products. They all feel so yummy and perform with amazing efficacy not often found in natural brands. So, rather than creating a 20 minute video signaling out each product, I chose to review the Hero ingredients that run through the line.

(Note: Hero ingredients make up a brand’s story and are reflected in each formula.)

So here we go…

Açaí Seeds – gentle exfoliation, high ORAC Value

Maracuja Oil – vitamin C to support collagen production

Cupuacu – rich butter with B1, B2, B3, vitamins A & C, calcium, selenium

Murur Butter – pro vitamin A to regulate cellular turnover

Agan Stem Cells – protect surface cells and stimulate cell renewal at a deeper level

All of these oils and butters protect the skin’s NMF (natural moisturizing factor). This is the barrier that seals in hydration so that skin cells can communicate effectively.

I also love Teadora because the entire line is 100% vegan and is free of parabens, silicone, gluten, phthalates, sulfates and sulfites. So if you’re ingredient conscious these products are definitely worth trying…just know they’re addictive.

In this video I highlight the following products:

  • Nourishing Body Butter – with their signature Rainforest restoration elixir and a combination of 5 oils and 2 butters

Sierra’s Smokey Eye


My husband, Neil, and I have been shooting videos for Jafra Cosmetics Italia for the past 5 years. However we took on a different type of challenge when we decide to create them for ourselves…with our own budget…and our own equipment…in our home studio. Sigh!

Well now that I have launched The Ask Aliesh Community I am finally learning  just what my members want to see. So, I have decided to give all of my earlier videos away for free. That’s right, in honor of my 50th birthday I have decided to open up the vault. Starting with a handful of posts, I am gifting you guys some of my first attempts at creating tutorials in English.

This video was shot with one of my favorite New Faces, Sierra Monet. She reminds me of a young, black Sophie Dhal. We have several videos with Sierra so you will see a lot of her in the How To section of my Members Only Community.

I hope you enjoy these free tutorials. Remember to check back often as I will post new videos whenever I get a moment.

Thank You!!!


This post is way overdue. I recorded it in a studio with poor sound but I just had to get this out. I am so grateful to all the brands that are supporting Ask Aliesh. These products are used in each lesson I post in the Ask Aliesh Community.

I’d like t thank the following brands:

Babor CosmeticsBeauty BlenderBlack UpDMK Skin RevisionDaily ConceptsFarmhouse FreshFree Your ManeHue NoirLe MieuxMac CosmeticsTeadoraT’ZIKAL

Ingredient Review: Teadora


Teadora is one of my favorite new brands. I met Val, the brand’s founder and CEO, a few months ago. When she told me about how their formulas packed with Amazonian superfruits, I had to give them a try. Each product is a sensory experience. They are perfect for creating an at-home spa.

In this first video I introduce you to Teadora’s BRAZILIAN GLOW RADIANCE AND RENEWAL OIL. It has quickly become my favorite body oil. I shared it with my clients in the spa and on set – and both groups are hooked.